Cloud Security

Protect your cloud content against threats with advanced cloud security, including DDoS attack mitigation and Web Application Firewall.

Distributed Denial of Service DDoS Attack Detection

DDoS Attack Detection

Advanced traffic monitoring for immediate threat detection

Our advanced origin server monitoring tools detect potential DDoS attacks at the network and application layer, which triggers an immediate alert.

DDoS Bandwidth Capacity

DDoS Bandwidth Capacity

Mitigate up to 1 Tbps of malicious traffic across our network

Secure your origin server by mitigating malicious traffic from DDoS attacks across our global network, preventing downtime and potential data breaches.

DDoS Security Reports

In-Depth Security Reports

Understand DDoS attacks and improve protective measures

Access comprehensive information about DDoS attacks to your network through our portal or security reports. This includes the attacker IP, region, domain names, attack types and frequency, targeted URLs, attack traffic, bandwidth, and duration, and more.

Whitelisting Blacklisting IP Listing

Intelligent Blacklisting

Monitor and control traffic to your content

Access frequency, traffic frequency, amount of traffic, and total traffic per IP address or URL are monitored, and IPs or URLs are dynamically blacklisted to prevent potential attacks.

Customizable DDoS Mitigation Actions

Customizable DDoS Mitigation Actions

Automate required actions for additional protection

When a potential threat is detected, automated actions can be enabled, such as access blocks, requests for CAPTCHA, JS redirects, page redirects, and others.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protect your website applications from malicious HTTP requests

Threats to your website applications, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and malicious crawlers are prevented at the edge using our global network of 650 edge nodes. Cyber threats are blocked without affecting your web application performance.