Content Delivery Insights launched by QUANTIL

What is Content Delivery Insights?

We launched Content Delivery Insights as a platform to provide information for Internet Content Providers (ICPs) and the content delivery network community. As a content delivery network based in Silicon Valley, we have a diverse, international team from different backgrounds. Each of our team members has specific insights in technology, security, and legal requirements for delivering content. Our experience has also shown us how these factors affect content providers and end users. We sought to create a platform where we could present and discuss our insights with content providers, CDN experts, and other thought leaders.

What topics will be discussed on Content Delivery Insights?

We will present and discuss a variety of topics, which include:

CDN Technologies

Understanding how to leverage content delivery network (CDN) technologies can be complex for content providers. Our expert engineers will present and discuss different aspects of content delivery network technologies, why they are needed, how they affect content providers and end users, and how these different technologies compare with each other.

Content Acceleration

In order to optimize and acceleration content, different factors need to be considered, such as content types, performance, traffic, and many others. We will discuss different methods that content providers can use to accelerate and optimize their content for end users as well as different methods for content management.

Content Security

Ensuring that content is securely managed and delivered is a key concern for content providers. Our team will provide tips, examples, and advice on how to protect content and deal with security issues, such as DDoS attacks and malware.

Legal Concepts

One of the main challenges for content providers is understanding and overcoming region-specific legal concepts. This can create roadblocks for content providers as they seek to deliver new content types or enter new markets. With 15 years experience delivering content globally, our team will provide tips and advice on how to navigate legal requirements when entering new markets.

Do you want to contribute to Content Delivery Insights?

If you would like to provide a guest post on Content Delivery Insights, we welcome contributions from thought leaders and industry experts. Simply send us an email with your idea to We also welcome your feedback in the comments section and on Twitter at @Team_QUANTIL. Happy reading!