High-speed Data Transmission 2.1 – What’s new?

Exciting news at QUANTIL! HDT team is pleased to announce that HDT 2.1 is now live.  This new update adds new features to our HDT customer portal to improve access port sharing as well as bandwidth monitoring and reporting. These new features include:

  1. HTTP/HTTPS standard port sharing – Instead of providing non-standard access port to our customers, HDT 2.1 allows customers to use standard port 80/443 to accelerate their HTTP/HTTPS applications. 

  2. New bandwidth page – Support up to 1-year time period bandwidth query with global time zones and 5 different resolutions (1-minute, 5 minute, hourly, daily and monthly) options. It can also display upload, download and total bandwidth graphs with zoom in/out functionality. In addition, administrators can download raw data in .csv format from HDT customer portal to share bandwidth usage information.

  3. High-speed Data Transmission API for customer’s workflow integration
HDT New Configuration

New configuration 

We look forward to delivering this update to our current customers. If you would like to learn more about High-Speed Data Transmission, visit our product page or contact our team. You can also tweet comments and questions to @Team_QUANTIL.