High Speed Data Transmission v2.0 Update

High-Speed Data Transmission 2.0 – What’s new?

This morning, the Enterprise Acceleration team announced that High-Speed Data Transmission v2.0 is now available for all new and current HDT customers. This update adds new features to our customer portal to improve capabilities for file transfer configuration and traffic monitoring. These new features include:

      Configuration Page: Create a new file transfer in less than 5 minutes
      Modify/History Page: modify, delete, disable and compare existing file transfers
      Bandwidth & Traffic Report Page: query selected file transfer traffic up to one year time period, including time zones and resolutions (1-minute, 5-minute, hourly, daily and monthly). You can also display upload, download and total traffic graphs with zoom in/out functionality and download raw data in .csv format.
      Number of Requests Report Page
      Impersonation of customer account for QUANTIL administrators
      Public High-Speed Data Transmission API for workflow integration

This update provides portal support that enables customers to monitor their traffic, giving them more insights about the quality of their file transfers. It also provides our technical support team with better capabilities to set up the service on the backend with more control to implement customizable configurations.

High-Speed Data Transmission v2.0 Portal - Bandwidth and Traffic Report
High-Speed Data Transmission v2.0 Portal – Bandwidth and Traffic Report

The Evolution of High-Speed Data Transmission

In April 2015, we launched our beta version of High-Speed Data Transmission for our first customer, a cloud-based genome informatics & data management platform, with a focus on long-distance large file transfer. In March 2017, we officially launched High-Speed Data Transmission v1.0 to global customers. Since then, we’ve worked with customers in different industries, such as scientific research, semiconductor manufacturing, engineering, life sciences and media entertainment to solve their long-distance file transfer challenges. Our strong partnerships with SeqID and Wanda Studios have also contributed to our growing customer base.

The Enterprise Acceleration team has received fantastic feedback from our end users, who find the solution easy to use with significant performance improvements from their previous file transfer methods. We developed this solution using proprietary technology based on User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which increases file transfer speeds and reduces packet loss. By using UDP-based technology, we can maximize bandwidth utilization, overcoming the bandwidth limitations that can be found with other protocols, such as FTP and HTTP. We also leverage smart routing technology to monitor network conditions and select the fastest transfer route with the highest success rate.

Our latest customer, a global entertainment company, had been looking for a solution for 2 years. Their priority was transmitting the data as quickly as possible. They had tried various methods, such as transmission across multiple providers as well as other third-party acceleration services, but they were poor matches for their workloads. When they tested High-Speed Data Transmission, they were really impressed how easy it was to set up, and how much faster it is than other solutions.

We look forward to delivering this update to our current customers. If you would like to learn more about High-Speed Data Transmission, visit our product page or contact our team. You can also tweet comments and questions to @Team_QUANTIL.