Content Delivery in Cambodia

Accessing the Internet Through Smartphones

Currently, smartphones are the primary method of accessing the Internet in Cambodia. According to research by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Cambodia, the number of people accessing the Internet on smartphones rose from 5 million to 6.3 million between February and December 2015. During the same period, wired Internet subscribers decreased from 66,071 in February to 64,594 in December. The main reason for this trend is the lower cost of access to smartphones and mobile Internet. This fast adoption of mobile devices has paved the way for content delivery in Cambodia through various mobile channels. In April 2015, Cambodian Minister of Posts and Telecommunication Prak Sokhonn said that he expects penetration to reach 9.5 million people by 2020.

Content Delivery in Cambodia for E-Commerce

There is a growing number of online shopping websites in Cambodia. Social media sites, such as Facebook, are increasingly used as a medium for online shopping. Government and industry are centered in Phnom Penh, where branded and/or American products are more popular since they are generally viewed as higher quality. There is also evidence of an expanding middle class, supported by the presence of numerous international organizations diplomatic missions, and international businesses. These consumers usually look to e-commerce sites in order to purchase branded goods.

Delivering a Secure, Mobile-First Experience

Cambodians still face the challenge of trust when it comes to e-commerce sites. Secure payments and diminishing software piracy are huge necessities for further growth. QUANTIL recently added 30 PCI DSS certified PoPs to its network in order to assure end-users that their sensitive payment information is secure.

“Our solutions are especially suitable for content providers that move a lot of data across long distances from their origin servers to global end users,” says Ken Chiu, Product Manager for High-Speed Data Transmission and Live Stream Acceleration. For example, delivering content from a U.S. origin server to an end user in Cambodia. With an increasing number of mobile device users in emerging markets, we wanted to create a mobile-first solution, enabling a better mobile experience for users anywhere on any device. We also added PCI DSS to our solution to operate with critical compliance standards while improving website performance around the globe in high growth e-commerce markets.”

If you would like more information and guidance about delivering content in Cambodia, our team are ready to assist you. Contact our team via email or Twitter @Team_QUANTIL.