Content Delivery in Indonesia

Low Internet Speeds

The key issue for Internet content delivery in Indonesia is speed. In spite of economic success, Indonesia has struggled with relatively low internet speeds for two main reasons:

Network Infrastructure in Indonesia

Wireless-based connections have been the primary method of Internet access, which rely heavily on satellite or mobile carrier connections. However, the Palapa Ring Project is currently underway to construct a vast undersea fiber-optic cable network that stretches across over 13,000 kilometers as well as an onshore network of nearly 22,000 kilometers. The main goal is to ensure fast broadband Internet access to all Indonesians, in both urban and rural areas.

Network Providers and Bandwidth

The mobile network market in Indonesia is saturated. With a population of 260 million, there are over 380 mobile subscriptions, i.e. 1.7 SIM cards per person, which means most people are using two different phone numbers and/or networks. This is due to the variation in reception quality based on the network, the phone, and the service required (e.g., Internet vs SMS). A large number of network providers also means that bandwidth is relatively low since it is shared. Although the main mobile networks offer 4G services, 4G coverage is only available in large cities.

Social Media and E-commerce

According to a report from eMarketing, Indonesia is currently the third largest smartphone market in Asia-Pacific (after China and India); approximately 50% of Indonesians own a smartphone. A growth of 30-50% year-on-year is also expected as the 4G network improves throughout the region. Since most Indonesians connect to the Internet using mobile devices, small and medium businesses have been successful using social media for e-commerce, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. However, with over 17,000 islands, content delivery in Indonesia presents numerous challenges.

Improving Performance for Content Delivery in Indonesia

Network infrastructure is improving every day to ensure that more people can connect with online content in Indonesia. QUANTIL improves the user experience with online content by caching the content to nearby edge nodes in Jakarta, providing faster access and higher availability to local end users.

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