Content Delivery in Singapore

An Active Mobile Market

Content delivery in Singapore is both challenging and rewarding. Currently, Singapore has over 5 million internet users with 80% internet penetration. With over 8 million active mobile contracts, the average Singaporean is said to have approximately 2 active mobile contracts each. The economy itself is growing steadily, although deemed unpredictable. Given that the population is also using their devices for various activities, such as mobile banking (33%), watching videos (34%), and using social media apps (32%), the need to focus on optimizing content delivery for mobile devices is evident.

Congestion and Security Challenges in Singapore

Congestion and lack of DNS security are two of the most apparent network problems in Singapore. The QUANTIL global network comes with 30 PCI DSS certified Points of Presence (PoPs). This ensures that end-users sensitive payment information is secure. Together, with our acceleration solutions, both transparency and seamless user experience are achieved.

“Consumers in Singapore are becoming more mobile aware, demanding seamless app experiences and the convenience of shopping on their mobile with added security. PCI DSS is today’s leading industry standard to ensure the safety of consumers’ payment data,” says Bin Ni, VP of Engineering at QUANTIL. “Adding PCI DSS to our solution allows us to operate our content delivery network with critical compliance standards while improving website performance around the globe in high growth e-commerce markets, such as Singapore.”

A Mobile-First Approach to Content Optimization

Given the current and increasing importance of mobile content delivery in Singapore, international companies, such as McDonalds, Spotify, and DBS Mobile Banking have adopted a mobile-first philosophy towards their website content. Mobile applications are also used as a primary content delivery method for on-the-go consumers. Optimizing the mobile experience for end-users is key to a successful content delivery strategy. In order to achieve the best conversion rates, end-to-end speed and availability is needed to ensure that consumers can access content faster, securely, anywhere, on any device.

If you would like more information and guidance about delivering content in Singapore, our team are ready to assist you. Contact our team via email or Twitter @Team_QUANTIL.