Downloadable Content and Download Acceleration


Read frequently asked questions from our customers about downloadable content and Download Acceleration.

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  • How can you support us during peak traffic times, e.g. product launch or update?
    In anticipation of a high level of download traffic, we can set up pre-fetch to “warmup” the edge nodes on our network and provide an optimal experience for your end users. With over 30 Tbps of bandwidth, we can support peak traffic levels during product launches and updates.
  • What happens if a download is interrupted?
    If a download is interrupted for any reason, our Download Acceleration solution continues the download process from the break-point, which means that end users do not have to restart the entire download process.
  • Do you support time-limited URLs?
    Yes, our Download Acceleration solution can provide URLs that are only accessible for a limited period of time, which offers more control over download activity.
  • Do you use segment (chunk) caching?
    Yes. For the first pull of your content from your origin server, our Download Acceleration solution can cache smaller segments than traditional caching solutions, which ensures faster “warm up” time and increases performance.
  • What security features do you provide for Download Acceleration?

    Our customizable anti-hotlinking mechanisms protect your content by preventing third parties from taking advantage of your bandwidth.

    QUANTIL provides geoblocking for downloadable content in the United States or Europe. This is used for location-based access management.

    HTTP Origin Monitoring
    Our platform monitors the HTTP status code of the origin server and sends an alert when it detects abnormalities.

    IP Whitelisting
    A whitelist is used to provide permissions to a download file for select IP addresses.

    IP Blacklisting
    A blacklist is used to block access to a download file for select IP addresses.