Sr. Software Test Engineer


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QUANTIL is looking for a Senior Software Test Engineer to work on the testing of the next generation of caching for our global content delivery platform. You will be the one to make sure the new caching capabilities will meet the demand from our ever-growing customer base.

You will be responsible for:

  • Test plan/case design: Reviewing requirements for the new features of the Next Generation Cache products to derive all important business scenarios.
  • Designing test cases to cover all the business scenarios.
  • The test cases include topology, configuration, test tools, test steps and expected output.
  • Test code development: Developing test code for test cases using programming languages Perl, Python and Shell.
  • Monitoring and modifying test code according to changes or new requirements to make sure it’s accurate, stable and efficient.
  • Analyzing C language code of products and developing white box test code.
  • Developing integration code that can be used directly by scheduler tools like Jenkins, and integration code will invoke test code.
  • Developing test code using Robot language and executing the code periodically to monitor online production servers and generate daily report.
  • Test code integration: Configuring Jenkins to run integration code based on CD (Continuous Delivery) practice to monitor products quality continuously.
  • Designing test framework to integrate unitest, version build and feature test into a pipeline that can automatically start after code commit.
  • Building and maintaining automation testbed used by CD practice.
  • Software tool design: Designing EDNS mock server tool to accept DNS request and response based on user settings to minimize the dependency on other team’s products.
  • Designing a tool to generate domain configuration without manual intervention. Management:
  • Working closely with team members and development team to translate the customer requirements into complete design.
  • Using code analysis platform Sonarqube to inspect code quality and fixing the issues found.
  • Using agile development tool Jira to manage tasks.
  • Attending daily Scrum meeting to report progress and coordinate with other teams.
  • Manual testing: Performing manual testing on products and reporting bugs if discrepancies found between implementation and design.
  • Reproducing and isolating bugs to help development team fix them.
  • Verifying bugs after they have been fixed to improve products quality.


  • MS in Computer Science/Engineering, or relevant engineering/science fields
  • 2 years’ experience as QA Engineer, Test Engineer
  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
  • Must be self- motivated, hands-on, detail-oriented, have the ability to thrive in a team environment, and perform beyond expectations

QUANTIL offers competitive salaries with demonstrated experience. Employee benefits include:

  • US company stock options
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Plan
  • Paid vacation days and holidays
  • 401K plan


QUANTIL is a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) on a global platform covering North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. We have an extensive network of over 700 Points of Presence (PoPs), and a data throughput surpassing 35 terabits per second. Our advanced technologies provide secure and scalable solutions to our customers, accelerating their content to local end-users.

Our mission is to connect local users with content faster on any device. Our goal is to enable the global reach of our enterprise customers and to improve the end-user experience by delivering content faster.

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